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PureVision is the hub of my renewable energy pursuits. PureVision Technology, Inc. scientists have developed a unique and green conversion technology to transform biomass (non-food plants including wood and agricultural residues such as corn cobs, wheat straw and underutilized plant material) into bio-based products. These plant-based materials include sugars, pulp and lignin, which are essential ingredients for producing beverages, consumer products, packaging materials, paper products, biofuels and more.

PureVision was founded in 1992, is a privately held corporation, organized to research, develop, and commercialize cellulosic biomass conversion technologies. PureVision has invented, patented and advanced the break through technology and is working with other technology companies and industrial collaborators to scale up and demonstrate its unique biorefining technologies.

Based in Fort Lupton Colorado, PureVision was founded by Carl, Ed Lehrburger and Dick Wingerson (pictured from left to right, Dick, Ed and Carl). .


Corporate Office: 511 McKinley Ave., Fort Lupton CO 80621

PureVision Technology web site: www.PureVisionTechnology.com

My email adddress: Carl ( at ) PureVisionTechnology.com.